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Alpine Experience
Tirol – the very Heart of the Alps – offers innumerable unforgettable mountain experiences. Here, we have pointed out just a few of the great number of exciting highlights.
Tirol - Alpine Experience
Cultural Experience
Tirol's culture encompasses a wide range of expressions, some historical, some modern, others rural in nature and some stemming from an urban setting. What all of them have in common – they are definitely worth a visit.
Tirol - Culture
Family Experience
Tirol is also an ideal place for families – numerous adventure parks and family attractions are waiting for you. Join us on a short tour of some of the highlights.
Tirol - Family Experience
Crystal & Glass Experience
Tirol offers world-class craftsmanship and unique aesthetic experience when it comes to crystal and glass. Please find more details here.
Tirol - Crystal and Glass
Body & Soul Experience
A healthy mind in a healthy body, supported by state-of-the-art facilities and natural products – this, too, is Tirol.
Tirol - Wellness